TG-100 Electric Barbecue Grill

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Bioexcel Indoor Smokeless Grill - Portable Battery Operated Smokeless Electric Charcoal BBQ Grill with Turbo Fan

Features: Weather doesn't matter - enjoy your favorite grilled foods any time of year with the Bioexcel Smokeless Indoor Grill., This smokeless charcoal grill featuring detachable grill wire adjusts into height for fast & easy bbq grilling., Water-filled outer ring catches fat and juices during cooking, eliminating smoke and splattering., Battery operated portable charcoal grill is also perfect for outdoor use., High-quality non-stick surface of smokeless barbecue oven ensures easy cleanup.
The Bioexcel smoke reduction grill was made so that you can enjoy more of the great grilled food indoors in a more clean and pleasant way. This smokeless charcoal grill works by means of advanced heating technology, which cooks your food perfectly while reducing the amount of smoke and oil splattering caused by burning fat. When using conventional portable grills there are continuous temperature fluctuations that cause the grill to over shoot your set temperature and likely char your food. With the Bioexcel electric portable grill, there’s no need to adjust the temperature. The smokeless grill quickly heats up to a constant perfect temperature for searing meat and maintains that temperature throughout the entire cooking process. With one perfect temperature you will be able grill different types of food at once and achieve tasty, juicy and evenly browned results with minimal effort. Our smokeless charcoal bbq grill is incredibly easy to set-up and use. Just put the grill on the base, flip the switch – and you’ll be grilling in no time. And thanks to the clever interior design, it only takes a moment to wipe the non-stick surfaces clean. Minimal splattering also keeps your cooking surfaces neat and clean.
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Tayama TG-100 Barbecue without the hassle and mess of dealing with charcoal or propane tanks. The electric barbecue allows you to conveniently grill hot dogs, short ribs, etc inside your own home in minutes.