Heat Pipe Fridge with Thermoelectric Cooling System, Silver/Black



  • Brand Name: Generic
  • Part Number: KCR40B
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 807.1 x 708.7 x 807.1 inches
  • Operates on 12V DC or 110V AC and uses only 6A current at 12V Great for use in a truck, RV, trailer or boat Heat pipe with thermoelectric cooling system
  • Whisper quiet operation Cools by 54 degrees below ambient temperature Compact flush-back design
  • AC/DC fridge is equipped with interior light, adjustable temperature control and removable shelf
  • Price: $235.94 & Free Shipping



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Heat Pipe Fridge with Thermoelectric Cooling System, Silver/Black

Buy Heat Pipe Fridge with Thermoelectric Cooling System now! This AC/DC Heat Pipe Fridge does almost everything your full-sized refrigerator does; yet it only takes up a fraction of the space. It’s much more than just another compact product. This AC/DC fridge is ideal for your truck, garage, RV or weekend cabin. It operates on either 12V DC or 110V AC while using only 6A current at 12V, so it’s versatile and will not stress smaller generators.

The power source runs an advanced heat pipe and a thermoelectric cooling system, so it is quite efficient. The motor can cool the inside by as much as 54 degrees below the ambient temperature, making it ideal for most perishables. The compact fridge does all these things with whisper quiet operation. With a compact flush-back design, you can set up the refrigerator almost anywhere. It also has all the conveniences you expect, like an interior light, a fully adjustable temperature control and a removable shelf.