AVANTI Gas Range Sealed Burners

AVANTI GR2414CW Gas Range Sealed Burners, 24″, White

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  • Brand Name: Avanti
  • Model Info: GR2414CW
  • Item Weight: 117 Pounds
  • Product Dimension: 26 x 25.5 x 39.8 inches
  • Form Factor: Stand Alone
  • Burner Type: Sealed
  • Color: White
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Freestanding 24″ Gas Range
  • Automatic Electronic Ignition
  • See-Thru Glass Oven Door
  • Oven Cavity Light with ON/OFF Switch
  • 60 Minute Timer
  • Price: $620.00


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GR2414CW Avanti 24"" Gas Range Sealed Burners in White

Features: AVANTI, Avanti Model Gr2414cw - 24"" Gas Range, GR2414CW
This 24 gas range packs plenty of burning power into a slim range The four sealed burners are fueled by gas but the unit is packaged with a liquid propane kit for easy conversion to liquid propane gas fuel Also includes levelings legs a backsplash an...
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AVANTI GR2414CW Gas Range Sealed Burners, 24″, White

AVANTI Gas Range Sealed Burners

Buy AVANTI Gas Range Sealed Burners now! AVANTI Gas Range Sealed Burners – White Features: Automatic electronic ignition. See-thru glass oven door. Oven cavity light with on/off switch. 60 Minute timer. Waist high broiler. Bake/broil oven for maximum versatility.  At two-feet wide, this mighty gas range by Avanti is perfect for small kitchens. It features four sealed burners for sauteing, boiling, frying; all types of rangetop cooking. The front-left burner is designed for high-heat cooking such as rapid boiling for pasta or a steady stream of heat for frying. The back right burner is perfect for simmering a pot of rice or preparing a delicate sauce.

The oven features two racks with four leveling positions. Two burners are within; a bottom burner for baking, and a top burner for broiling. There is an oven light and see-through window on the door so you can always check on your cuisine without opening the oven door and consequently losing heat. Another featured convenience is the bottom storage drawer which frees up shelving or cupboard space within the kitchen. Adding to your culinary arsenal is the handy broiling grid and tray which is included with the oven.

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